This platform exhibits the authentic “Shield of David” (Magen David), which is a concept — not a star. Associated with the letter Alef (א) — as a designation for God — a portrait of this concept was uncovered in 2011 in the City of David. King David regarded “Adonai” (“My Lord”) as his Master (Alufo) and Shield, as he says, “But You, O Lord, are a shield for me.” As the primordial secret, this concept represents the key to the Adam-Eve-Snake narrative and is associated with the oversized midpoint letter of the Torah in Vayikra 11:42.

Magen David - Shield of David - מגן דויד

This platform exhibits the authentic “Shield of David” (Magen David; מגן דויד), which is the key to redemption and associated with the letter Alef (א‎), referring to “The Master of the Universe” (Alufo Shel Olam; אלופו של עולם). Concealing the concept was crucial. Hence, the authoritative Jewish books do not specify an image of the “Shield of David,” However, the sages hinted at it, namely as “the missing Alef” between “Golah” (גולה; Confinement, Exile) and “Geulah” (גאולה; Redemption, Liberation).
As the primordial secret, the “Shield of David” entails the key to reversing the curses of Adam «» and Havah « Hence, enabling the return of Shekhinah, the manifestation of the Divine Feminine in our realm of reality. (Explained further down)

Archaeologically Uncovered in 2011

A portrait of the concept of the “Shield of David” — as carvings in the bedrock — was uncovered in a 2011 archeological discovery in the City of David in Jerusalem. However, the archaeologists, with decades of experience, including outside experts, were puzzled and “could not at least venture a guess about its nature.” The City of David Foundation issued a press release with a rare request to the public for help in identifying these mysterious carvings: “The 2,800-year-old mysterious carvings left archeologists baffled.”

Video of the excavation site at the City of David in Jerusalem

"The markings are very strange, and very intriguing. I've never seen anything like them."
Eli Shukron
Eli Shukron
Excavation site's co-director,
Israel Antiquities Authority

More information from the City of David Foundation

The Image of the Shield of David (Magen David)

Given the “Shield of David” is a concealed concept, there is no mention of any associated image in any authoritative Jewish book (See the Primordial Secret below). However, the first mention of the term “Shield of David” occurred in the Talmud Pesachim 117b.9-10 as a designation for the Almighty and equated with the “Shield of Abrahm” (Magen Abrahm; מגן אברהם). Contrary to the “Shield of David,” which lacks theological experience, the “Shield of Abrahm” is rooted in the Torah and is part of the primary daily prayer (Amida) as a reference to God: “Praised are You, Lord, Shield of Abraham.” However, the carvings also represent the secret behind the “mighty hand” by which the Jewish people were redeemed, as mentioned in Shemot 13:14.

Shield of Abrahm - The Lord

Founded on God’s promise to Abrahm in Bereshit 15:1: “Fear not, Abram, I am a shield to you,” the concept of God as a “Shield” was established. Bereshit 17:1, Psalms 18:31, II Samuel 22:31, and Surah An-Nisa (The Women), Ayat 125, emphasize the importance of following Abrahm’s path. However, in our generation, no belief systems, including the Judeo-Chrislamic religions, follow Abrahm’s path. (see ABRAHMIC)

Shield of David - The Lord

Based on Shemot 3:14, “I will be What I will be” (אהיה אשר אהיה), King David regarded “The Master” (Alufo; אלופו) as his shield, as he says in Psalms 3:4, “But You, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the Elevator of my mind.” King David did not consider God a star nor put his trust in the physical shield he carried during his battles. Instead, he did it for Alef: Alef (א) represents “Alufo Shel Olam” (אלופו של עולם), “The Master of the Universe.” Hence, King David chose the same Shield that protected Abrahm. (The hint of “the Elevator of my mind” is explained further down).

The Six-pointed Star - City of David

The hexagram, the six-pointed star, was widespread in ancient Eastern cultures, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Meanwhile, the star could also be found as a decorative symbol in synagogues, churches, and in Muslim culture. However, the six-pointed star can not be found anywhere in the City of David in Jerusalem as a reference to the Magen David.
Shield of David - Magen David- מגן דוד

An Explanation for the Carvings - The Obvious

By examining the carvings, we can see four elements. The three elements on the left side, « which look similar in their cut and dimensions, represent the letters of David’s name « ,» written in modern Hebrew as דוד (dōd) and in Farsi (Arabic) as داد (dād). The fourth element on the right side is a scale (of justice), as explained further down.

David’s Name in Hebrew דוד (DVD) and דויד (DVYD)

The three letters Dalet Vav Dalet (דוד; DVD; دٱد), which expresses David’s name, can also be pronounced as Dōd, friend, beloved, or uncle in Hebrew. In the Eastern region, this name is usually pronounced as ‘Da’oud’ (داود). However, the mystic associates David’s name, written as DVYD (דויד ;داوید) — as stated in I Chronicles 29.10 — with the Moshiah; Akin when the letter ‘Yud’ transformed Hosea’s name to Yehoshua. The gematria of DVYD (דויד) is 24, equal to «זה הוא» (“this is the one”), as God ordered Samuel to anoint King David in I Samuel 16. This phenomenon is also hinted at by the missing ‘Yud’ of the word ‘Shlita’ (שליט”א), a title of honor, in the Chasidic discourse “Bati Legani” (“I Have Come To My Garden…”) of ‘Yud’ Shevat. This ‘Yud’ refers to the over-sized ‘Yud’ of the word יִגְדַּל (“be great”) mentioned in Bamidbar 14:17 associated with the ten trials of Abrahm (The gematria of ‘Yud’ is 10).

David’s Name in Farsi - Justice or Law

The word dād (דוד; dɒd) in Farsi داد is the root of the Persian term for justice, law, or decree. Some contemporary words include دادگر dādgar: Just and fair, دادگاه dādgah: court, دادخواهی dādkhahi: pleading, دادگستریِ dādgostari: judicature. (see the Islamic prophecies: Imam Mahdi will rule according to the laws of the House of David)
From Middle Persian dʾt’ (dād, “law, justice”), from earlier dāt, from Old Persian 𐎭𐎠𐎫 (dāta, “law”), from Proto-Iranian *dāta-, Middle Persian dʾd(dād), and the Iranian borrowings Classical Syriac ܕܬܐ‎ (dāṯāʾ), Old Armenian դատ (dat), Hebrew דָּת‎ (dāṯ).

The Hebrew word for Religion דת (dāt)

The modern Hebrew word for Religion דת (dāt), which historically was used for “law,” appears in the Book of Ester and the Masoretic writing of the Torah in the portion of V’Zot HaBerachah. The term used for the “religious law,” Halakha (הֲלָכָה), literally means “the way of walking.” The word ToRah (תּוֹרָה ;توراه), in Farsi, would literally mean: “Your” (تو; To), “Way” (راه; Rah), in modern Farsi: Rah(e)To (راه تو; your way). The Farsi word for religion Din (דין ;دین) is the term used for “law” and “Justice” in Hebrew. See also ‘PERSONALIZED RELIGION.’

道德 (DāoDe) - Morality

The Chinese term 道德 DāoDe means “morality,” “ethics,” “ethical principles,” or “morals” and is composed of two words: 道 (dāo) means “way,” or one of its synonyms, but was extended to mean “the Way.” And 德 (dé) means “virtue,” “personal character,” “inner strength” (virtuosity), or “integrity.” (See also this answer). The Hebrew word for (Talmudic) knowledge is dea (דֵּעָה) and doa (دعا) is the Farsi term for prayer.

Magen David - The Alef

The three elements «» are also the building blocks of the letter Alef (א‎) and constitute the concept of the “Shield of David.” As “the missing Alef” between “Golah” (גולה; Confinement) and “Geulah” (גאולה; Redemption), it can revolutionize our lives once applied in our lifestyles.

The gematria of אלף‎ (Alef) is 111. The gematria of דוד (DVD) is 14, equal to 1110 in the binary number system. The number 1110, which represents a full manifestation (10x 111), is the gematria of “בשבתות” (in Shabbats; in days of rest), as mentioned in Ezekiel 46:3, and the verse in Bereshit 31:11: And an angel of God said to me in a dream, ‘Jacob!’ And I said, ‘Here I am.’

An Explanation for the Carvings - Deeper Level

This symbol represents the vessel (Kli; כלי‎), grail, valley, Havah (Eve), feminine and the female, number seven (Farsi: ۷; ASCII:7), finite, logical disjunction, inclusive, inhale, broad, right brain hemisphere, moon, Yin, and more. (Feminine: Shabbat on the 7th day)

 This symbol represents the light (Or; אור), blade, mountain, Adam, masculine and the male, number eight (Farsi: ۸; ASCII: 8), infinite, logical conjunction, exclusive, exhale, focused, left brain hemisphere, sun, Yang, and more. (Masculine: Circumcision on the 8th day)

This symbol constitutes an (invisible) bridge, and the letter Vav (Hebrew: ו‎; Farsi: و) with the gematria of 6, as the third letter of God’s name, YHVH (יהוה‎). However, as the core secret of the Torah and our existence, the middle symbol is hinted as the midpoint of the entire Torah, written as an oversized Vav «  ,» in the word גחון (Gahon; belly), in Vayikra 11:42. The word גחון (Gihon) is also the name of the 2nd river of Bereshit 2:13 (See Gut-Brain Axis). As a harmonizing entity, inter alia, this symbol defines the proper order as an active interface among two or more (paradoxical) entities. It represents “the snake,” connector, Interinclusion (Hitkallelut), truth, neck, nose, hook, gut, corpus callosum (“the six-winged messenger”), border, six spatial directions, divider, the middle column of the Menorah, a placeholder for numbers such as one (Farsi: ۱; ASCII: 1) or number zero (Farsi: ۰; ASCII: 0), earth’s magnetic field, ladder, the sixth sense, the olfactory-based interface between the quantum and classical realm, the gut-brain axis, the (absent) link between Yin and Yang, more.

"The universe is asymmetric and I am persuaded that life, as it is known to us, is a direct result of the asymmetry of the universe or of its indirect consequences."

Asymmetry in Biology

Imposing imagery in Torah’s narratives has corrupted today’s understanding of its multifaceted nature. The portrayal of Adam and Havah — as a type of mirror image — does not represent parity between the two, similar to the non-superposable left and right hands, chiral molecules, or our asymmetrical internal organs, including the heart, liver, lungs, stomach, and brain. For instance, asymmetry characterizes the brain in terms of structure, function, and behavior. The platform ‘DEVELOPMENTAL PLASTICITY’ elaborates on right brain hemisphere superiority in the realm of lateralized behavior. Here is a short clip by Dr. Iain McGilchrist on the difference between the brain’s left and right hemispheres. However, to ensure harmonious functionality, the critical element is the bridging connector (Vav), or, in this constellation, the Corpus Callosum (CC), which is referred to as the “six-winged messenger” or “seraf” (صراف; Exchanger) in many prophecies associated with the final redemption.  This concept is linked with the vision of Isaiah 6:2-3 and the (triple) Kedushah (Holiness) of the Amida prayer (see further down).

Brain asymmetry

The Scale of Justice - Asymmetrical (not equal)

The fourth element on the right side of the carvings is a scale (of Justice), displaying the proper balance to be asymmetrical, akin to many natural phenomena. Other platforms will elaborate more on this topic. However, one implication is that the laws should not equally apply to men and women, and women shall have more rights and obligations, as explained on the WOMENS OBLIGATIONS platform. The platform SEVEN BRANCH TREE elaborates on threats of a single global polity for humankind.

The Divine Feminine Presence

There are various prophecies about the tremendous implications of implementing the “Magen David” concept into our daily lives, resulting in vital transformations at multiple levels. However, on the fundamental level, it addresses the mystical doctrines of Ohrot (Lights) and Keilim (Vessels) concerning the sefirah of Malkhut (Kingdom). It serves as the key to repatriating Shekhinah (Divine Feminine Presence). See also Repatriation of Shekhinah to Jerusalem and Likutei Moharan 4:9.

Dwelling in the Lower Realms

Traditionally, the building blocks of the letter Alef are defined as Yud-Vav-Yud (YVY, יוי). However, Magen David represents the building blocks as Dalet-Vav-Dalet (DVD, דוד). This constellation is associated with the concept of “Dira Betakhtonim” (Dwelling in the lower realms; דירה בתחתונים), which concerns the process of manifesting the presence of God within the world. (see ‘HEMIDEUS‘)

9th of 5873 (Tisha B’Av) - The Conception of Redemption

The two dalets of David’s name, « ,» which make up the word Dodi, “my beloved,” – ascribed to the Lord by King Solomon in Song of Songs – connote “lifting up.” However, the two dalets also represent two delets (doors, gates): the upper gate, the spiritual world, and the lower gate, our classical world. Based on MOSHIAH’s calculation, on Wednesday, 2023–04-06, the first day of Passover 5873, the two doors ‘connect’ building the cosmic letter Alef (Gematria 111). And 111 days later, the cosmic conception begins on 2023-07-26, which falls on Tisha B’Av 5873. The nine-month pregnancy with prophesied “Labor pains” ends 280 days later on the last day of Passover 5874, on 2024-04-30. Hopefully, from 2024-05-01, which is Global Labor Day, we will start experiencing the beginning of the revealed redemption. The gematria of Tisha B’Av (תִּשְׁעָה בְּאָב) is 780, Farsi: « ۰ ».

“Something of man’s secret enters into his symbols.”

The Primordial Secret

The reversal of letters of Alef (אלף‎) is the Hebrew word for “miracle” (פלא; Pele). The three building blocks of Magen David as Alef (א‎) represent Adam «» with a gematria of 45, Havah «» with a gematria of 19, and the letter Vav «  » with a gematria of 6. The sum of 45+19+6=70 Secret (Sod; סוד) and the number of the years Adam ‘donated’ to King David, leaving Adam with 930 years: 93 is the gematria of Magen (Shield; מגן) x 10, which represents its full manifestation. Number 70 is also the standard gematria of ‘The Mezuzah’ (המזוזה), the misinterpreted concept of Gog and Magog (גוג ומגוג), and many other concepts.

As mentioned before, the Magen David represents the numbers seven and eight, combined with any other digit, for example, three: 783. The reversal of letters of Alef (אלף‎) is the Hebrew word for “miracle or wonder” (פלא; Pele). The acronym for the Hebrew year 5783 (תשפג) is “May it be a Year of Great Miracle” (תְּהֵא שְׁנַת פֶּלֶא גָּדוֹל). Please visit this page to learn more.

The Two Missing Dalets « ד »

The key to Magen David is the peculiar term “השיאני” (directed, persuaded; H’ShiAni) used by Havah in Bereshit 3:13, “The snake guided me.” The sages tell us that this term is a combination of two of God’s names, ShaDai (שדי) and ADoni (אדני), without two Dalets (ד). Abrahm was the first person who rectified this condition, hence establishing the Magen Abrahm (Shield of Abrahm) with the two Dalets: Based on Bereshit 17:1, Abrahm was the first person God made a covenant with using the term, Shadai: “I am El Shadai. Walk in My ways and be blameless.” Abrahm was also the first person who called our Creator Adoni (Talmud, Berakhot 7b). Hence, to honor his commitment, Abrahm called his wife, Yiskāh (יסכה), Sōri (שרי), meaning “my superior.” Please note that the numerical values 313 and 358 are linked with the letter Shin, the snake, and the final redeemer. See ‘ABRAHMIC,’ ‘SORAYAH,’ and ‘313

Rectify the Sin of Adam and Havah

According to Arizal, the closed MEM, « ם » (mem-sofit, final mem), can be constructed of two dalets « ד .» Based on the unusual use of the closed MEM as the second in the word Lemarbeh (לםרבה), in Isaiah 9:6, Rabbi Yoseph Chaim (Ben Ish Chai), in the book, Days of Peace (page 133), states that the two dalets come to rectify the sin of Adam and Havah.

Reversal of Curses of Adam and Havah

The concept of Magen David entails the key to the reversal of the so-called “Curses of Adam and Eve” and facilitates greater harmony. Havah’s curses in Bereshit 3:14 is about her status as a state of subordination to Adam. Out of the four curses, humanity can reverse this curse, which will rectify the other three punishments, eventually. Once implemented, humanity will comprehend that the condition called “curse” is a natural consequence of the inferiority of Havah (women) — not a punishment.

A Short Explanation of the Narrative

In the story of Bereshit 2:17, God gave a choice to Adam: “but as for the tree of knowledge of good and bad, you must not consume of it; on the day you consume of it, you will die.” The sentence doesn’t say ‘if you consume’ — it says “on the day you consume,” meaning God expects Adam to consume. However, Adam didn’t comprehend the message. Therefore, in the following sentence, God said: “It is not good for Adam to be alone; I will make a helper for him.” Evidently, a helper needs superior qualities to guide Adam in this circumstance. Thus, it was Havah who — based on the guidance of the snake — gave Adam to consume from the tree. The common misinterpretations tell us that there was a ‘blame game’ later in the text. But, the actual narrative is that, once God asked Adam in Bereshit 3:11, he gave the credit for consuming the fruit to Havah. And when God asked Havah, she gave credit to the snake. The snake in this constellation refers to Havah’s gut. The snake’s punishment, “And earth shall you consume,” in Bereshit 3:14, refers to the gut flora, which stresses its significance for our well-being. (see ‘MICROBIOME PLASTICITY’).
Gut (Snake) - Flora (Earth)

Guiding Experiences and Frame of References

Havah’s gut instinct guided her that there is a need for humanity to go through (painful) learning experiences to store events, patterns, and other data, to build ‘frames of reference,’ serving to develop intuition, for example, for instantaneous judgments that are not logical or articulable. Frame references were needed, for instance, as we mostly appreciate health when we get sick, food when we get hungry, money when we are poor, and so on. The storage of experiences, as cumulative knowledge, guides our future decisions and nurtures our moral sense (see ‘GENERAL ETHICS‘). The ‘HEMIDEUS’ platform draws parallels to AI Technologies such as “deep learning” and “reinforcement learning” within machine learning. However, as suggested on the ‘OUR QOMPASS’ platform, in the future, we could consume the “fruits” of our work via our “trees” (neural network). This system could eventually ensure more pleasant experiences once we implement the concept of Magen David in our lives.

Reversal of Status of Adam and Havah

As per various prophecies, and as Magen David suggests, the status of women needs to be adjusted: Women’s status shall be defined as superior. Based on the Magen David principle, and as explained on the CSW platform, once women are made men’s superior, men become their equal and not inferior. However, men are the primary beneficiary of this change, as elaborated on the ‘GENDER HARMONY’ platform. Moreover, based on the story of Purim, consequential changes need to be implemented in governance, as suggested in ‘FEMOCRATIA.’ (see also ‘ABRAHMIC’ and ‘SORAYAH’)

King David’s Harp - Neurons

The impact of the Magen David principle on our lives will be manifold. However, its effect on our brain seems essential, given that the four ventricles of the cerebral ventricular system — which produce and store cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) — are hinted at in Bereshit 2:10-14 as four rivers, as another one of the seventy faces of the Torah. This hint comprises the gut (microbiota)-brain axis. However, the brain’s ability to change in the realm of neuroplasticity is cued by posing the brain as a stringed musical instrument akin to a harp. (See ‘BRAIN PLASTICITY’)
Human Ventricular System
Credit: BodyParts3D by DBCLS.

Prophecies on the Unique Role of Women

Various sources link world peace and harmony with the role of women. FEMININE PEACE elaborates on the unique biological characteristics qualifying feminine women for the task. However, Jeremiah 31:22 prophecy reminds women of their mission to guide and protect the man: “How long will you hide, O rebellious daughter? For the Lord has created something new on the earth, a woman shall encompass a man.” (See also ‘ESHET HIHEEL’)

Valley and Mountain

Another prophecy that describes the Magen David concept figuratively and metaphorically can be found in the haftarah of Shabbat Nachamu, “Comfort, comfort My people,” Isaiah 40:4 refers to the phenomenon of Magen David: Every valley «» shall be lifted up, and every mountain «» and hill shall be made low. 

Malchut's Kedusha

The Arizal notes that the word Ner (נר; Candle) with the gematria of 250 is equivalent to the value of the unification (Yikhud) of three pairs of Divine names: Ehyeh (21) + Elohim (86) + Adonai (65) combined with three times Tetragrammaton, YHVH (26). [Calculation: 3×26= 78; 78+21+86+65= 250; 2+5+0= Seven «»] This unification, as a meditative process, enables us to draw the power of transcendent Divinity, as the experience of Holiness, into our manifest world.

One→No Love | Two→Fight | Three→Harmony

Candles have been symbols of the illumination of darkness, safety, and hope since ancient times. Traditionally, two candles are lit for Shabbat: One candle for “Shamor“ (Feminine; ) and one for “Zachor” (Masculine; ∧). However, the candle for Kedushah (Holiness) is missing. To bring Kedushah (Holiness) into our lives, Magen David, corresponding with the Torah commandments, suggests lighting three candles for Shabbat:

Devarim 5:12:

שָׁמוֹר אֶת-יוֹם הַשַּׁבָּת, לְקַדְּשׁוֹ
Guard the Shabbat day, to keep it holy

Shemot 20:8:

זָכוֹר אֶת-יוֹם הַשַּׁבָּת, לְקַדְּשׁוֹ
Remember the Shabbat day, to keep it holy

To bring Shalom לוםШ and initiate genuine Shabbat בתШ, the Torah tells us to observe, remember, and keep it holy, thus to light three candles (Ш). The gematria of שבת שלום (Shabbat Shalom) is 1078, «۰ ». See also ‘LetmyPeopleLight

Based on a mystical level, this principle is associated with the letters YBK (יבק) and the term YiBoK (Gematria 112), an acronym for Yikhud (Unification), Berakhah (Blessing), and Kedushah (Holiness), as well as with the concluding portion of Psalms 20:10 reading (יַעֲנֵ֥נוּ בְיוֹם־קׇרְאֵֽנוּ) “may the King answer us on the day we call.

Shabbat Candles

The I I I Candles Represent 111

The III candles symbolize the letter Alef (אלף) with the gematria of 111. At the same, 111, which is binary for the number Seven «» represents the seventh day: Shabbat. The III candles also represent the letter Shin (ש), hence the Hebrew word for Fire (אש; ESh). The Gematria of Shin is 300, equal to “Spirit of God” (רוח אלֹהים). Starting with Sarah (ساره ;שרה), it is the woman that lights Shabbat candles to bring the Holiness into homes, hence channels the Divine presence (Shekhinah; شِخینا ;שכינה) in our existence, as explained in HEMIDEUS. The Torah refers to women as “the midwives,” God’s partners in creation. (Shemot Rabba 1:19)

Based on an executive order, the Nazis added the name Sara to Jewish women’s ID cards if her name didn’t sound Jewish. [Source: Die Zweite Namensänderungsverordnung vom 1938-8-17. Fundstelle: Deutsches Reichsgesetzblatt Band 1938 Teil I, Seite 1044.]

The I I I Candles - Feminine Firewall

In Bereshit 2:21, the word “מצלעתיו” (mi’TSaL’otav; מצלעותיו), commonly translated as “ribs” or “boundaries,” which were taken from Adam (for the woman), is missing the letter Vav. As the ribs surround to protect the internal organs of the thorax, women became the shield and guardian of men. This phenomenon is further hinted at spelled out Shin (שין), with the gematria of 360, referring to the “surrounding” role of a woman to guard her husband. The ‘feminine firewall’ concept can be observed in various natural phenomena, as explained in ‘FEMOCRATIA.’

The Hamsa - Feminine Hand-Shaped Amulet for Protection

The gematria of דוד (DVD) is 14, equal to יד (Yad; Hand) with an integral reduced value of five, representing the five fingers. 14 in the binary number system is 1110, which conveys a full manifestation (10x 111) of אלף‎ (Alef) and the gematria of “בשבתות” (in Shabbats; in days of rest), as mentioned in Ezekiel 46:3, as well as the verse in Bereshit 31:11: And a messenger of God said to me in a dream, ‘Yakov!’ And I said, ‘Here I am.’ Thus, the concept of the Shield of David is represented by the Hamsa or Khamsa (خمسة ;חֲמִישָׁה; five). The ancient, blue, hand-shaped amulet, with three (III) extended middle fingers, symbolizes protection in various cultures. It is also known as “Yad Ha’Khamesh” (The hand of five), “The hand of Miriam,” “The hand of Maria,” or “The hand of Fatima,” and so on.

The New Peace Sign - Feminine Peace

Like many other upside-down issues of our generation, the current international peace sign resembles an overturned and framed tree. In accordance with the Shield of David and other sources, it is suggested to overturn and uncover the present peace sign to simulate an upright and free tree. Rather than the use of the two-finger victory sign, the new peace sign shall be demonstrated with three fingers of the right hand, representing the three (III) candles. Besides symbolizing “the hand of protection,” the three-finger salute shall signify a covenant of peace among humankind.

Hamsa - The New Peace Sign

Mental Guardians - Vultures' Wings

As elaborated on the SORAYAH platform, based on various prophecies, such as “He [Abrahm] is lying in the wings of Sarah, and she is gazing at his head” (Talmud Bava Batra 58a.3), the primary responsibility of women is to serve as mental guardians of men and help them to improve their brains. Hence, akin to Abrahm, men are obligated to listen and follow women’s guidance.

My Shield - The Elevator of my mind

The gematria of the two names of Abrahm’s wife, Yiskāh (One who gazes; יסכה) and Sarah (Superior; שרה), is 600, equal to Tsitsit (צִיצִית‎), Eagles/Vultures (נשרים) and Beit Yakov with Vav (House of Jacob; בית יעקוב). Thus, fulfilling various prophecies based on the verse Shemot 19:4, “I lifted you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Me,” and analogous to King David’s words in Psalms 3:4, “But You, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the Elevator of my mind.” As well as, in Vayikra 26:42, “Then will I remember My covenant with Yakov.” Yakov (יעקב) is written with an extra Vav (יעקוב) in this verse.

Improving Male’s Brain - Three Middle Fingers

Commonly pronounced as ‘ToTafot’ (טוטפת ;تو تافت; ToTaft) and as a “sign” (אות) linked with redemption, Tefillin (תפילין) are containers of scrolls of parchment with straps. Traditionally, they are placed on the male’s forehead and the bicep of the weaker arm, across from the heart. While wearing a specially knotted prayer shawl, Tsitsit (ציצית‎), the Jewish males, age 13 and up, bind and tie Tefillin every day except Shabbat (and holidays) and recite the Shema and other prayers.

Braiding Challah and Lighting Candles to Welcome Shabbat

The term ‘ToTaft’ (טוטפת ;تو تافت), in Farsi, تو (To) means “Your,” and تافت (Taft) is connoted with تافته (Tafte) “braided” “woven” “luminous” “shining.” The concept, symbolized by the lighting of the braided multi-wick Havdalah candles, refers to the ‘sparks’ of electrical activity (חַשְׁמַלִּים; Hashmallim) in our brain, correlated with our behaviors and experiences.

The Inner Tefillin

The black boxes and wiring clues instruct men to continuously improve the brainwave rhythms of a vast web of neural connections as elaborated on BRAINPLASTICITY and DEVELOPMENTAL PLASTICITY. Hence, the Talmud in Berachot 6a.19 explicitly describes Tefillin as follows: ‘Elu Tefillin SheBeRosh, “אלו תפילין שבראש” meaning, ‘These are Tefillin in the head’ (not over the head). Men must continuously improve their brains, based on women’s guidance.
prefrontal cortex-tefillin-Shin

Oneness and Wisdom

Based on Magen David, the letter א (Alef) represents oneness and supernal wisdom. Please visit ‘OURALEF’ to learn more; however, it’s notable that the letter Alef is present in all of the first eight words of the Torah except the fifth one, “שמים” (ŠMIM), which can be transliterated as “Shamaim” or “Shemim.” The organization behind 4444.com is called SHEMIM (شميم ;שםים), with a closed MEM as its second letter.

The numbers: ۱ (1) ۸ (8) ۷ (7)

In today’s generation, the Jewish people use western numerals, even though these digits do not appear in any authoritative Jewish books. The three symbols of Magen David represent various other concepts. For example, in the story of Hanukkah, when we light 44 candles: 1 light for one night + 7 miraculous nights = 8 nights (see ‘YHUDAY‘ and ’25HOURS’). The chapters of the Torah are 187. The 187-day party of King Akhashverosh. The gematria of successful (מַצְלִיחַ) is 178.
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